NAACP Support the sell of Santee Cooper

Widespread Support in African American Community for Sale of Santee

Georgetown – The Gullah Geechee Leadership Institute (GGLI) released a letter today signed by 20 South  Carolina NAACP branches and African American church leaders endorsing a sale of Santee Cooper. 

“Santee Cooper is known for over a decade’s worth of missteps, debt and failed projects that have cost  ratepayers millions,” reads the letter. “We urge the General Assembly to sell Santee Cooper.” 

Said GGLI Lead Advocate James L. Felder, “We are united in support of ending the Santee Cooper debacle  now. Santee Cooper’s debt is an albatross that threatens to drag us down and burden our community for  generations. We say it is not acceptable for South Carolina’s marginalized communities to bear the brunt  of Santee Cooper’s legacy of mismanagement.” 

Examples of Santee Cooper’s mismanagement cited in the joint letter include: 

  • The failed VC Sumer nuclear plant, which contributed to Santee Cooper’s near-$7 billion debt
  •  The failed Pee Dee Coal Plant costing $372 million and continuing millions in upkeep 
  • Lack of diversity and inclusion in its executive staff 


“Their blunders and mistakes are numerous, and we have waited years for solutions and resolutions that never happened,” the letter states. 

Gullah Geechee Chamber of Commerce President Marilyn Hemingway said, “The small business  community, especially those serving minority and marginalized communities need affordable, reliable  energy to help keep their lights on and doors open for business. We applaud the leadership of these 20  NAACP branches, and our religious leaders, for coming together to support a sale of Santee Cooper.” 

Said Felder, “It’s time for South Carolina to move forward. Santee Cooper is broken and cannot be  reformed. The General Assembly has the opportunity to fix the problem, by selling Santee Cooper, and we  all call on our elected representatives to make the right choice for our community and South Carolina.”


March 23, 2021

We, the undersigned, send this open letter to the South Carolina General Assembly because we are disappointed with the management of Santee Cooper in its present form.  In the words of Senator Hugh Leatherman of Florence and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, “I see no choice but to divest the state of what is increasingly not an asset but an albatross”.

Santee Cooper is known for over a decade’s worth of missteps, debt and failed projects that have cost ratepayers billions of dollars. Their blunders and mistakes are numerous, and we have waited years for solutions and resolutions that never happened.

Because of the debacle of the failed VC Summer Nuclear Plant in Fairfield County and the enormous mismanagement practices, Santee Cooper is nearly $7 billion in debt.

There is the failed Pee Dee Coal Plant near Florence that ratepayers are having to pay for because Santee Cooper abandoned the project in 2009 after spending $362 million on equipment, thousands of acres of land and materials on the site and upkeep costs millions every year. 

Finally, there is the matter of diversity and inclusion. Santee Cooper’s claim of 21% minority representation on its executive staff is not a true representation of our state’s population. Procurement opportunities are questionable for minority businesses.

We understand that NextEra Energy, the largest green, renewable energy company in the USA with a proven track record of diversity, inclusion and community investment has offered a bid to purchase. Therefore, we urge the General Assembly to sell Santee Cooper.

Bishop F. C. James, Retired

AME Church, SC

20 NAACP Branches

(see list)

Dr. Donald Greene, President

Baptist Educational & Missionary Convention of SC

20 NAACP Branches

Anderson Branch NAACP

Dominic Gibbs, President

Bamberg County NAACP

Dr. Gerald Wright, President

Batesburg/Leesville NAACP

O. Levy, President

Camden/Kershaw NAACP

Kenneth Carter, President

Chesterfield Branch NAACP

James Barber, President

Clarendon County Branch NAACP

Willie Briggs, President

Colleton County Branch NAACP

Edward Williams, President

Florence Branch NAACP

Jerry Keith, Jr, President

Darlington Branch

Anthony Hall, President

Columbia Branch NAACP

Oveta Glover, President

Western York Branch

Steve Love, Board Member

Georgetown Branch NAACP

Marvin Neal, President

Greenville Branch NAACP

Rev. J. Flemming, President

Laurens County NAACP

Rev. David Kennedy, President

Manning Branch NAACP

Bobby Fleming, President

North Charleston Branch

Phillip Scott, President

Orangeburg Branch NAACP

Barbara Johnson-Williams, President

Pageland Branch NAACP

Ural Bennett, President

Spartanburg Branch NAACP

Michael Brown, President

West Spartanburg NAACP

Rev. Eddie Parks, President